An invitation from Willi Broeren

Willi is my friend. She is also a mom of four, grandmother of two, a family doctor, a cancer survivor and an Arbonne health and wellness consultant. Today she is my guest… Enjoy the read and feel free to share with your friends at the end of the letter. 

Willi Broeren on the right & Angélique


January lst has come and gone but it is never too late to take on a new challenge which will encourage you to explore what it means to show up in your life with your mind and your body. The Arbonne 30 day challenge is not a quick fix but a roadmap to living a healthy lifestyle. I can help you identify your health and wellness goals and provide you with the tools to help you succeed.

During this program that I offer on a regular basis, we will explore what it means to be bold and to take responsibility for your well being and to rumble with food and lifestyle challenges so that you can live a healthier and more vibrant life.


The Arbonne challenge is about adopting healthier eating habits which will nourish you emotionally and physically as well as improving your lifestyle. It is not about counting calories or deprivation and it is not meant to be a diet. The purpose of the challenge is to learn new ways of eating which will sustain you forever. Thirty days is a relatively short period of time to achieve a life time of benefits!
The 30 day challenge which focuses on clean eating, includes specific guidelines which incorporate Arbonne nutritionals to help people not only adopt better eating habits but also have more energy, think more clearly, sleep more soundly, feel more positive and confident and manage weight if desired. 


Unhealthy Ingredients – Out

The first involves the elimination of unhealthy ingredients and possible allergens including gluten, dairy, refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine, soy and corn.

Proteins, Vitamins & Nutrients – In

The second is the use of protein shakes as a meal replacement which not only contain protein but also vitamins and minerals making this a complete and nutritional rich meal. The protein powder which comes in vanilla and chocolate is vegan-certified, gluten-free and kosher. It does not contain GMOs or artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. There is also no high fructose corn syrup or fructose. This powder can be safely used by diabetics. The program also includes advice regarding food choices which is all about eating “real food” and avoiding processed foods. In addition to the protein powder, the 30 day kit includes
fibre boost, a seven day body cleanse, energy fizz tabs, herbal tea and omega 3 plus. All of these products together are designed to provide you with everything you need to be successful and feel well. The program also includes a detailed guide which is available in English and French.


This program can also be very effective for eliminating food cravings such as chocolate or sugar. You will become more mindful of emotional eating and learn how to manage this. It can also be a very useful way to tune into your body and assess its relationship with certain foods, especially gluten and dairy. Hopefully, it is also an interesting and fun way to learn about new foods and recipes which can make meal preparation and eating fun.


If you are interested, I offer free private and group sessions about the program and how to use the products. Although there is a detailed guide,  it can be very helpful to review the guide with someone who is familiar with the program. I did this program in March 2015 with amazing results and will be doing it again this month. I will also be available for support by email, phone or in person during the 30 days if there are any questions or concerns.


I also have a private Facebook page for participants which includes protein shake and meal recipes, eating tips etc as well as interesting articles about health and nutrition. It can also be used to enlist  support from other participants.
If someone is unable to complete the 30 day challenge, they can meet with me to assess what went wrong and how to get back on track.  One can always start the 30 day challenge again and there are typically enough products to do it again without reordering the entire kit.


The cost of the program which includes the guide, two large bags of protein powder as well as the other five key products listed above is $248 plus tax and shipping. A free Arbonne product valued up to $60 is also available for new preferred clients. The annual registration fee for preferred clients is waived with ordering this.


This program transformed by life. My hope is that you come out of this challenge feeling more alive. I want this to be about living well and being your best and about changing the way we show up every day in our lives and with our partners, our family and our colleagues. As a physician and a health and wellness consultant, I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals to be healthy and live long and well. So join me in 2016 on this brave adventure.


If you want to sign up or if you have any question, simply send me an email at

You can also follow Willi on Facebook and Twitter

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